OPP is the European distributor of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) and other leading psychometric tools. OPP and its partners help organisations unlock potential in individuals and teams with trainingresources and consultancy to support effective and innovative talent identification and people development.

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Type feedback resources

Core character circle

Brand new materials for practitioners wanting to bring type to life in a fun way

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Introduction to Type and Teams - 10 pack

Introduction to Type and Teams - 10 per pack

Boost team development with the MBTI®

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Case studies

The Phoenix Group

Phoenix image cropped

Find out how Phoenix embraced high impact MBTI development

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IDL staff

See how FIRO is used to improve team alignment

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Latest news

OPP to play starring role at DOP Conference 2015

22 Oct 2014

All 10 of OPP’s submissions to the BPS DOP conference have been accepted!

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How to structure those reference requests

17 Oct 2014

References on job candidates are a very valuable source of information, and yet they are being requested less and less by private sector employers. The main reasons are a fear on the part of the referee (or the referee’s employer) that if they give a candid reference, they might be sued; and scepticism on the part of the new employer about the value of any references they might obtain.

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