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MBTI® Comparison Report: Work Styles


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Macmillan Cancer Support

GP and patient

Find out how Macmillan uses MBTI insights
to upskill GPs

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Omada Consulting

Omada cropped

Find out how FIRO helps develop tomorrow's sports leaders and teams

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Two great opportunities for MBTI practitioners to upskill

02 Sep 2015

Back-to-back webinars on 8 September provide ready-made innovation and decision-making events

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Outsight and playful porridge

03 Sep 2015

As I watch my daughter polish off her bowl of porridge at breakfast, I ask “What’s wrong with the bit that’s still left in the bowl?” – a tiny bit closest to her but hidden on the inside curve of the bowl remains uneaten. “There isn’t any left!” she replies, and we both laugh as I say “You must have a ‘porridge’ blindspot!”
How many of our leaders have ‘porridge’ blindspots – everyday behaviours that dismay others somehow and to which they are completely oblivious? Can they avoid these blindspots or should we and they just accept them as an authentic part of their personality?

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