MBTI® Foundation Programme

The first step to personal development

The MBTI Foundation Programme is your starting point for using the MBTI Step I instrument, the world’s most popular questionnaire for measuring personality Type.


Personal development starts with awareness. It’s only by understanding personality Types – both our own and others’ – that we can start to improve our interactions with the world and realise our potential.

The four-day MBTI Foundation Programme (MBTI Step I) is the start of a fascinating development journey. MBTI Step I explains personality Types according to the Myers-Briggs framework, and you learn about the differences, strengths and blind spots of different personality Types. The Step I Knowledge Bank provides continued practical support to help you to make the most of your training (see below for contents).

Course duration

3 + 1 days experiential classroom time, supported by elearning and fieldwork (equivalent to 43 CPD hours)

What you will learn

  • The origins and background of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • What your own personality Type is
  • How to deliver MBTI feedback and personality insights to individuals and groups
  • How to use the MBTI Personal Impact Report to enhance your delivery to clients
  • How to use the MBTI assessment ethically and with impact
  • Technical aspects of personality assessment, including test reliability and validity
  • How to use Type Dynamics to add depth and understanding to personality differences

Learning approach

Traditional ‘lecturing’ is kept to a minimum – the programme accommodates different learning styles. As well as the workshops, the programme includes:

  • online learning
  • interactive exercises
  • mix of group and individual work
  • individual coaching on your feedback skills
  • field work

The course is delivered by experienced MBTI practitioners who are both expert trainers and coaches. Each participant receives individual coaching on their feedback skills during practice sessions.

Course benefits

  • Develop self awareness and become qualified in a world-renowned personality framework
  • Learn how to instil self awareness in others by appreciating personality differences  
  • Be equipped to address clients’ everyday business challenges and create a productive working culture
  • Gain access to OPP’s reports which help you to apply insights to teams, conflict, careers, decision-making, stress, and more
  • Get support from practitioner materials and resources, enjoy membership of the global MBTI community
  • Extend and deepen your MBTI personality Type knowledge with MBTI Step II (open to MBTI-qualified practitioners only).

The MBTI Foundation Programme takes individuals on a journey of self-discovery. No prior MBTI experience is required, and individuals receive a good grounding in practices encouraged by the British Psychological Society and other bodies that seek to uphold standards.

This course is for

MBTI Step I is especially useful for individuals working with:

  • team development
  • leadership development
  • communication
  • conflict management
  • decision-making
  • managing change
  • coaching

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