Case studies

Keeping the customer satisfied

OPP works with hundreds of multi-national and public sector organisations on a range of psychology-based business solutions.

  • AAH Pharmaceuticals


    See how the MBTI was used to tackle communication and change

  • ACT Management


    See how senior executives benefited from MBTI Step II

  • bChannels

    bChannels logo

    Discover how OPP consultants helped an organisation define and develop their leadership

  • Birmingham City University

    Brum City Uni logo

    Learn how this team used MBTI to maximise effectiveness

  • Capgemini

    Cap Gemini

    See how the MBTI improved communication and team work

  • CCL


    Find out how FIRO insights boosted cross-cultural teamwork

  • Celesio

    celesio logo

    How did MBTI and TKI help with leadership development

  • DBRS

    DBRS logo

    Learn about a teambuild for virtual workers centred on the FIRO tool

  • Deichmann-Obuv

    Deichmann logo

    Find out how the MBTI inspired senior management

  • Diageo


    See how the MBTI boosted teams, planning and performance

  • DVLA


    See how DVLA uses MBTI to develop leaders and drive change

  • Bosch Sport Business

    Discover how MBTI insights helped redefine Edith Bosch

  • England & Wales Cricket Board

    ECB logo

    Discover how the ECB uses the MBTI to develop its cricketers

  • EY Academy of Business

    EY logo

    Find out how the MBTI assisted leadership development

  • Forca

    Forca logo

    See how MBTI boosted strategy, communication and teamwork

  • FrieslandCampina

    FrieslandCampina logo

    Find out about the MBTI tool’s ability to champion diversity

  • Gucci


    See how we helped Gucci improve inter-brand mobility for leaders

  • HEC Paris

    HEC Paris

    Discover how MBTI insights helped HEC approach diversity

  • Hotel Chocolat

    Hotel Chocolat logo

    Learn how senior leaders were developed with MBTI and FIRO

  • IDL

    IDL logo

    See how FIRO is used to improve team alignment

  • John Lewis

    John Lewis

    See how MBTI Step II created a tangible shift in team performance

  • Launchpad

    Launchpad logo

    Find out how OPP consultancy helped Launchpad back on track

  • LGSS

    LGSS logo

    Find out how FIRO helped LGSS leaders manage change

  • LV=

    LV logo

    Find out how MBTI aided growth, communication and progress

  • Macmillan


    See how Macmillan uses the MBTI instrument for team development

  • Macmillan


    Find out how Macmillan uses MBTI insights to upskill GPs

  • Michael Brown

    Michael Brown logo

    See how the TKI helped manage conflict and develop teams

  • Mid Cheshire NHS

    NHS logo

    Find out how MBTI and FIRO boosted this NHS Trust

  • National Church Institutions

    Church of England logo

    Discover how collaboration was forged from diversity

  • NHS Foundation Trust

    NHS logo

    Learn how TKI boosted personal development and aspirations

  • NHS North West Leadership Academy

    NHS North West Leadership Academy

    Find out how OPP's development tools assisted HR Directors

  • NHS Trust

    NHS logo

    Find out how we helped a specialist team articulate its vision

  • Omada Consulting

    Omada logo

    How FIRO develops tomorrow's sports leaders and teams

  • PageGroup

    PageGroup logo

    Find out how PageGroup promoted MBTI development

  • PIC


    See how PIC created new values and HR processes

  • Phoenix

    Phoenix logo

    Find out how Phoenix embraced high impact MBTI development

  • RAF Cranwell


    Learn how MBTI helped transform training methods

  • Roche

    Roche logo

    Find out how MBTI enhanced teamwork and feedback

  • Siemens


    See how MBTI helped succession planning and more

  • Skipton Building Society

    Skipton Building Society logo

    Discover how the MBTI enhanced leadership capabilities

  • TDC

    TDC logo

    Teams, communication and the MBTI instrument

  • The Change Organisation

    The Change Organisation logo

    Discover how the MBTI helped shape culture

  • Thorntons

    Thorntons logo

    Learn how Thorntons' Leadership Academy used MBTI insights

  • University of Surrey

    University of Surrey logo

    Discover how MBTI addressed students’ leadership skills

  • Waitrose

    Waitrose logo

    Discover how the MBTI assists Waitrose leadership teams

  • Waitrose

    Waitrose logo

    Find out how the MBTI eased a Waitrose relocation