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Jul 2016

Technology, teams and MBTI training

OPP consultants deliver team development training to gaming app creators

Jul 2016

OPP and the NHS

OPP exhibiting at NHS conference next week

Jul 2016

Type and tea towels

New Core Characters tea towels: getting hands-on with Type

Jun 2016

OPP consultants: aviation

Coaching, resilience and MBTI Step II in the aviation industry

Jun 2016

OPP website survey

Complete a short survey and help us to improve our website

Jun 2016

Coaching cards

Colourful coaching cards bring Type and Type dynamics to life for MBTI coaches

Jun 2016

OPP consultants

Using the MBTI framework with bChannels

Jun 2016

MBTI User Conference, June 24th

Last chance to book your place at this year's conference for practitioners

Jun 2016

OPP at annual NHS conference

OPP exhibiting at NHS Confederation Annual Conference this week

Jun 2016

Wellbeing and personality survey

Contribute to a Type and wellbeing study by completing a short survey

Jun 2016

OPP consultants - medical technology and higher education

The medical technology, higher education and global technology sectors feel the benefits of MBTI training

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