MBTI® training

Become a qualified MBTI practitioner and apply your learning to a host of development issues

The most valuable psychometric instrument you can have in your toolkit - the MBTI's familiar framework and language can be used time and again to address a wide range of L&D needs and support career-long development.

Training to become an MBTI practitioner

MBTI Step I qualification is a prerequisite to administering the MBTI questionnaire and buying MBTI reports. There are several routes to qualification, depending on your previous experience and qualifications:

MBTI Foundation Programme – This is the way the majority of MBTI practitioners become qualified. This course is open to all.
Note: this training is available in languages other than English from OPP's offices across Europe and our training partners.

MBTI Step I Conversion Programme – This course is for those who already hold a BPS certificate Test User: Occupational, Personality (formerly Level B) from a test publisher other than OPP.

BPS Test User: Occupational, Personality (formerly Level B) – This course provides BPS-approved training in both the MBTI Step I and EJI instruments, and is for those who already hold BPS Test User: Occupational, Ability (formerly Level A).

Continuing your MBTI learning journey

Once qualified, we offer many more courses to support you in putting your MBTI knowledge into practice. You can furnish your practitioner toolkit with tried and tested development events or deepen your MBTI knowledge to enable you to develop your own bespoke interventions.

Expand your MBTI toolkit Develop deeper MBTI knowledge

Why get an MBTI qualification?

  • Address a wide range of business issues with the same tool
  • Embed a common framework and language to support continuous career-long development
  • Administer questionnaires quickly and easily online
  • Avoid costly set-up or annual licence fees
  • Questionnaires and reports are available in many languages

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