MBTI® Step I Conversion Programme

For those with BPS accreditation or equivalent

This MBTI Step I training is for those with BPS Test User: Occupational, Personality (formerly Level B) accreditation. It qualifies you to use MBTI Step I, one of the most widely used personality questionnaires, in a short time frame.


MBTI Step I training will equip you with the skills and knowledge to use this versatile tool, which provides individuals and teams with a powerful understanding of their own and others’ personality style. During this BPS conversion course you will learn how to use the tool in one-to-one and group settings, and see how an understanding of the differences between personality types enables groups and individuals to work together more effectively, improving communication and reducing conflict. MBTI accreditation will ensure you are confident in applying your personality type training quickly and easily with your clients. 

Course duration

3 days (Equivalent to 32 CPD hours)

What you will learn

  • The MBTI model and its insights into personality differences
  • Type dynamics for greater depth and understanding of personality types
  • Essential skills to apply the MBTI tool in both one-to-one and group settings
  • Simple, practical, fun tools to enable you to apply the MBTI quickly and easily with your clients
  • A deeper understanding of how to be a professional, ethical and competent practitioner

Learning approach

This workshop provides adopts an experiential learning approach to aid your learning. This includes varied interactive exercises and an engaging mix of group and individual work. Each participant will receive individual feedback during an observed practice session by experienced trainers.

Course benefits

  • Raise self-awareness, build teams and add focus and depth to development interventions
  • Understand the wide variety of business applications to which you can apply your MBTI Step I training
  • Create a more productive working culture with a simple, accessible framework for identifying personality differences and similarities
  • Purchase and administer the questionnaire and other resources (in various European languages), and conduct feedbacks sessions with individuals and groups
  • Gain access to various application reports eg team, conflict, careers, decision-making, stress
  • Acquire an additional tool to expand your professional portfolio

This course is for

  • BPS Test User Occupational Personality practitioners - trained by another provider
  • HR managers
  • Line managers
  • Team leaders
  • Career counsellors
  • Training consultants
  • Organisational development specialists

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I just love it! I am excited! It’s just like opening another window in my life! Thank you so much!

Michelle ZhangHR Manager. Apple Sales International

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