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Aug 2017

Tell us what you think

We want to know about your MBTI qualification experience so we can make it even better – complete our short survey

Aug 2017

Fresh thinking

See how our consultants used the MBTI instrument to boost innovation in the medical sector last month

Jul 2017

OPP makes ABP Awards shortlist

Association for Business Psychology identifies three OPP projects for its annual awards event

Jul 2017

Global MBTI survey needs you

Complete a short survey and contribute to global research on MBTI type and wellbeing

Jun 2017

Lowering tension with TKI

Conflict management was on the agenda for our consultants in June – find out more in the monthly round-up

Jun 2017

Global delivery

OPP's consultants reach hundreds of participants with virtual delivery – find out more in the May round-up

May 2017

CPP joins ISA

CPP, Inc. joins the board of ISA, the Association for Learning Providers

May 2017

How self-aware are you?

Contribute to our research - take part in our short survey on self-awareness and MBTI type

May 2017

Talking about change

OPP to present at the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) congress

May 2017

Fast movers

OPP consultants stepped in at short notice to help a new leadership team – find out more in our consultancy round-up for April

Apr 2017

Stress awareness

New type resources, including type-related tips, for managing stress and building resilience

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