Talking about change

OPP to present at the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP) congress

‘Enabling change through work and organizational psychology’ is the theme for EAWOP this year

The EAWOP congress in May is a three-day event where organizational psychology professionals gather to share research and interests.

This year’s event focuses on enabling change. Leading the way in personality type discussions and insights are OPP and CPP, Inc. – publisher of the MBTI questionnaire – who have experts hosting two symposia and presenting papers.

Using personality type to improve communication: research and practice

Symposium, Thursday 18 May. Hosted by John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership and Research, OPP. Includes:

  • Personality type as a key element of social influence (Ann Flaherty, Thrive)
  • Personality type and communication preferences of virtual workers (Rich Thompson, CPP)
  • Using personality type to improve email communication (John Hackston, OPP)
  • Decoding communication issues between MBTI personality types (Nikhita Dost, OPP)

Helping employees be better: Understanding and capitalizing on individual differences

Symposium, Friday 19 May. Hosted by Rich Thomson, Senior Director of Research, CPP, Inc. Includes:

  • Wellbeing at work: A global study of the impact of personality type (Martin Boult, CPP)
  • The impact of personality, gender, and exercise on job satisfaction and turnover intentions (Rich Thompson, CPP)
  • Does the modern office provide a toxic experience for Introverts? (John Hackston, OPP)
  • Using personality type to build team resilience for coping with change (Nikhita Dost, OPP)

In addition, Nikhita Dost presents a standalone paper on Friday 19 May – Emotional intelligence in customer service roles – and John Hackston has a poster presentation on personality and entrepreneurship.

EAWOP 2017 takes place 17–20 May 2017 in Dublin, Ireland.