Complete a short survey and contribute to global research on MBTI type and wellbeing

CPP, Inc., the publisher of the MBTI questionnaire, is conducting further research into wellbeing and personality type – and needs your help. Take part and make a difference to type research.

Last year, CPP, Inc. conducted the Global Wellbeing and Personality Type Study.

The research is being written up, but early findings show that more information – on the role of individual MBTI type, and the role of occupation – would be useful, which is where the new survey comes in.

CPP, Inc. is extending their wellbeing research with a short survey. To take part, go to:

All you need to know is your MBTI personality type.

Remember to pass the link on to other people who are interested and who know their MBTI type. The survey is open until July 31.

The full research document will be available in 2018, but interim resources based on early findings will be published sooner.

Thank you for taking part!