ABLE Series announcement

Five tests from the ABLE Series have been discontinued – find out more and see how it affects customers

Due to changes in market demand and advances in technology, five of the ABLE Series of ability tests have been retired in the UK and Europe

OPP’s ABLE Series of aptitude tests, which reveal a person’s potential in a role, has undergone a change.

As of October 1 2017, five of the ABLE tests have been retired in the UK and Europe and are no longer available. The retired lines are:

  • Commercial Reasoning
  • Fault Identification
  • Legal Interpretation
  • Performance programming
  • Vetting Applications

There are no changes to the remaining five lines of the ABLE Series, which are:

  • Business Decision Analysis
  • Critical Business Planning
  • Critical Information Analysis
  • Financial Appraisal
  • Helpline

For further information on the above changes, including alternatives for customers who use the discontinued lines, please see our FAQs.