Time-saving training

Ready-made MBTI and TKI facilitation kits for practitioners delivering individual, team and leadership training

With no preparation required, our new range of facilitation kits helps practitioners to save time and deliver development workshops immediately – everything required is provided, everything is ready to use.

The kits help practitioners deliver short MBTI and TKI workshops in areas covering leadership, communication, change, emotional intelligence, decision-making and conflict

Facilitation kits include:

  • PowerPoint presentation slides
  • Comprehensive facilitation notes (so there is no need to attend training in how to use the kit)
  • Participant materials (worksheets, handouts etc)  

Each kit is stored on a USB flash drive, which offers maximum convenience for practitioners delivering training. The material is ready to use straight away.

The following facilitation kits are available:

  • Leader Development: An MBTI® Step I™ Type Training Workshop
  • Embracing Change Using Myers-Briggs® Type
  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Through Myers-Briggs® Type
  • Improving Decision Making Using Myers-Briggs® Type to Understand Decision-Making Style
  • Compelling Conversations: Developing Communication Style Through Myers-Briggs® Type
  • Managing Conflict Using the TKI® Assessment

Remember, you need to be MBTI-qualified to buy the MBTI kits. No qualification is needed for the TKI kit.

Practitioners who have attended a related ‘How to’ workshop will already have the material in the facilitation kit, because the kits are updates of those courses. For example, if you’ve been on How to Deliver MBTI Change Events, you do not need the Embracing Change facilitation kit.