OPP's experienced leadership team

OPP's executive management team draws on many years of experience both within the test publishing industry and within other corporate sectors.

Liam O'Connor, Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Liam oversees the financial stability of all of OPP's operations across the UK and Europe. He provides robust financial management to help OPP meet its ambitious strategic objectives, including new product development and further international expansion.

Liam is a chartered accountant with over 20 years’ financial experience, having worked in public practice, multinational PLCs and SMEs. He brings expertise from the software, pharmaceutical and fleet-management sectors, with a focus on strong cash management and driving profit across the business.

Betsy Kendall, Chief Operating Officer

VP, Global Programmes, Delivery and Content

Betsy has responsibility for OPP's Consultancy and Learning business and has global responsibility for programme development for the CPP Group. She has worked in OPP since its foundation in 1989, and in that time she has led almost every function within the company.

Betsy was responsible for setting up OPP's qualifying training division, and was pivotally involved in designing and developing qualifications workshops for MBTI® Step IStep IIFIRO® and CPI 260®. For many years she ran the majority of OPP's training events. She led the Research and Development team that created the 11 European language versions of the MBTI Step I, and she oversaw the development and standardisation of the European versions of MBTI Step I, FIRO-B and CPI. She is the author of the European MBTI Step I Manual Supplement and co-author of the FIRO-B User's Guide and MBTI and Culture.

Betsy has worked around the world, particularly in Europe and the USA, running leadership development interventions, team development processes and assessment centres. She also regularly speaks at national and international conferences on on mid-life development and culture.

Betsy is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

John Rogers, Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer, Europe

John joined OPP in June 2012 as CIO, and is responsible for keeping OPP at the forefront of providing technical solutions for the psychometric testing industry. He oversees all of OPP's IT operations across the UK and Continental Europe, maintaining and developing OPPassessment and OPP's marketing and ecommerce website, as well as our other business and customer systems.

Gaining a PhD in Geographic Information Systems at Plymouth University in 1996, John’s work background is with technical consultancies and service providers for UK SMEs. His previous role was as UK Solution Director at xit2, a software service company for the mortgage industry, where he was responsible for implementing new products and creating growth.