MBTI Team Report

A comprehensive picture of team dynamics.

MBTI Team Report

Raise performance quickly with this comprehensive, ready-made solution for team development. This report helps you to bring together a team so that it performs at its very best, every day, and enables practitioners to deliver positive business impact quickly - dramatically reducing the time it takes to put an intervention together.


  • Access team development insights in one broad-ranging solution
  • Save time and reduce practitioner workload with fully automated, dynamic reports
  • Visit a one-stop shop for both a team member and facilitator perspective on the group
  • Get support from an extensive Facilitator Report with tailor-made tips for each team
  • Ensure realisation of the learning benefits with personalised post-event action plans


  • The team's personality type
  • Strengths and potential blind spots - team and the individual
  • Problem-solving style - team and the individual
  • Communication style - team and the individual
  • Conflict style - team and the individual
  • Similarity/diversity amongst the team's styles
  • Organisational influences on the team
  • Worksheets for team and individual action plans


  • Raising team performance
  • Improving communication
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Enhancing problem-solving

Use with the Introduction to Type and Teams booklet for an extra insight into MBTI type and the six core team issues: communication, culture, leadership, change, conflict and stress.

This report is now available on OPPassessment using MBTI Direct, which allows you to order reports by entering four-letter type. Find out more about OPPassessment >>

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