OPP launches conflict management workshop

A new one-day workshop is available on using the TKI to manage conflict

OPP launches conflict management workshop

OPP's global research had found that 85% of employees have to deal with conflict - and an average employee spends 2.1 hours a week dealing with it. For the UK alone, that translates to 370 million working days lost every year as a result of conflict in the workplace.

OPP believes this time could be better spent on accomplishing work and achieving goals.

In just one day, the practical course can change the way delegates approach conflict. This workshop has been designed to equip them with the framework and skills to assess and positively respond to conflict in a variety of situations, personally or in teams. After the course they can use the tool and the new skills immediately to address conflict in their organisation.

Course content:

  • Perceptions about conflict in the workplace
  • Five main conflict modes, based on the TKI
  • Exercises to easily identify different approaches to conflict
  • Skills to analyse team conflict modes in your role as a leader
  • Success stories about managing conflict

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