OPP launches new MBTI Development Workbook

OPP's first product release of 2013 is a much improved resource for MBTI practitioners

MBTI Development WorkbookOPP has kicked off the New Year with a bang, releasing the latest addition to its suite of new resources for type practitioners – the MBTI Development Workbook.

The new workbook is designed to support continued application of the MBTI framework back in the workplace and helps people to keep MBTI type alive in their organisation. Supporting OPP’s new recommended feedback process and providing a truly interactive feedback experience, the MBTI Development Workbook helps users to capture notes as they explore their understanding of type and formulate actions to take away from their feedback session.

The MBTI Development Workbook is available from OPP’s online shop in packs of 10 at a special introductory price of £60 until 30 June 2013.

OPP will be running a free webcast for MBTI practitioners at 3pm on 30 January 2013 to explain its new recommended feedback process and to introduce the MBTI Development Workbook and other new type resources.

A one-day workshop, MBTI Refresh and Reconnect, is also available for MBTI practitioners who want to brush up on their MBTI knowledge, gain practical experience of OPP's new feedback process and resources, and meet and share experiences with other practitioners. The next workshop is on 28 March 2013.