Norwegian seal of approval for 16PF and MBTI tools

OPP is pleased to announce that its MBTI® Step I and 16PF® instruments have gained accreditation from world-leading certification body DNV Business Assurance.

The tools now satisfy the requirements of the Certification Council for Test Use in Norway (STN).

DNV Business Assurance logoDNV endorsement helps build stakeholder trust and is seen as an important ‘seal of approval’ in Nordic countries. Certification is developed in accordance with guidelines from the British Psychology Society (BPS).

“This gives the MBTI and 16PF an enhanced profile in this particular marketplace”, says OPP’s International Channel Manager Neil Bird. “Customers will take it as an added assurance of quality. The certification removes business barriers and supplies a boost for the tools in Norway and beyond.”

Assessio, OPP’s distributors in Norway, Sweden and Finland, sees this as a great aid to business.

“DNV accreditation is a positive endorsement for the use of the instruments in Norway”, says Pär Cederholm, Norwegian Managing Director, Assessio. “It gives these products the kind of thumbs-up that makes all the difference. It puts us ahead of our competitors in the local market, and will again prove that Assessio is a leader in development and sales of psychological tests, and that our focus as a company is to assist in the development of effective and healthy organisations.

"Any Nordic company or international organisation with an office in the region will see this as yet another recognition that these tools are the best on the market.”