PCA bowled over by MBTI

Professional Cricketers’ Association calls up the MBTI instrument

PCA logoThe MBTI tool plays a leading role at the PCA. The Association values personal development, both on and off the pitch, and believes that the instrument provides the right amount of spin.

The PCA’s Assistant CEO Jason Ratcliffe and National Personal Development Manager Ian Thomas are great advocates of the tool. In 2013 they will be using it to train the latest wave of L&D professionals. It will also remain central to career development.

Reflecting on the choice, Jason commented: “The MBTI tool is very well-respected worldwide, and having worked with it throughout my career I hope it will benefit many more PCA members as we help them develop their careers both on and off the pitch.”

Developing better relationships with colleagues and coaches is an essential part of the team-building process; but the tool’s chief benefit at the PCA is to increase self-awareness.

“As part of our Personal Development and Welfare Programme, we believe it’s vitally important for individuals to understand as much about themselves as possible, and as early as possible”, added Ian. “The benefits of understanding more about what makes you tick can lead to an enhanced career, whether that’s in cricket or post-cricket.”

Ian and Jason are not the first PCA members to lead the great all-rounder Myers-Briggs onto the field. The tool’s high profile and popularity in the sport is largely down to Gordon Lord, Head of Elite Coach Development at the English Cricketing Board (ECB). Lord has been an advocate of the MBTI tool since the early 1980s.

The instrument’s long innings at the PCA is a recognition that top cricketing professionals need to manage competing demands both on and off the pitch. The insights delivered by the MBTI instrument can assist in retaining the right balance, and 2013 promises to be another great season.