PageGroup recruits MBTI® instrument

MBTI tool ‘reawakened’ in international recruitment agency

PageGroup logoFounded in 1976, PageGroup has grown to become one of the world’s leading recruitment consultancies. To help maintain this position at the top, the company recently took the decision to apply the MBTI assessment to management and staff. The instrument had been used in the past, but was no longer part of the culture of the organisation.

Victoria Crane, Director, Learning & Development at PageGroup UK, describes the move as a ‘reawakening’. She comments: “My aim is to ensure that MBTI is introduced at the right pitch, to make an impact that lasts.”

One-to-one sessions with UK senior management took place late in 2012, and the overall feedback was very positive. Group sessions will now take place on an ongoing basis, bringing the MBTI instrument to the heart of the organisation. Managers and staff will be encouraged to develop their newfound skills, applying the tool in the workplace on an everyday basis. It will also be used with certain key groups, such as newly promoted members of staff.

“It’s all about gaining insight”, says Victoria. “The key objective is to improve self-awareness, and therefore productivity”.

And if ever there was a succinct business case for the MBTI tool, that’s the one.