Building resilience - a new MBTI® "Powered by" workshop

This 180-minute module helps organisations get to grips with stress and build resilience.

Powered by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Building resilience aims to increase individual awareness of stress triggers and equip people with a framework for managing pressure.


Like other modules in OPP’s “Powered by” portfolio, Building resilience packs a lot into its 180 minutes. The development session explores the natural processes that individuals go through when operating under pressure, paving the way to managing stressful situations and becoming more resilient.

The workshop is tailored for anyone looking to develop a greater understanding of themselves under pressure through deeper knowledge of their MBTI type, or anyone wishing to develop strategies for managing the inevitable stresses and pressure of a busy organisation.

For details of this and OPP's other 180-minute MBTI-powered workshops, including details of eligibility, check out our Powered by pages.