"We picked OPP because they were the best" - Air Malta

When Air Malta found that it was no longer flying high, CEO Peter Davies turned the spotlight on the company’s culture using the 16PF instrument.

Using the 16PF was, for Peter, the obvious starting point for getting the airline back on track. Choosing OPP was a natural choice too.

Air Malta logo“I’ve done this with other organisations, but we picked OPP because they were the best”, he says. “Not necessarily the cheapest, but quality was our priority.

“Psychological processes are an important part of our make-up, which is why this kind of development is so useful. I’ve done work of this nature before over many years. The broad aim is quite simple – to create the right environment where others can work to the best of their ability.”

As an advocate of tools such as the 16PF, Peter has no time for the cynics.

“A lot of people say it’s all a load of mumbo jumbo”, he comments. “It’s anything but. Anything that can provide me with a better opportunity to understand my people and how best I can help them has to be part of my weaponry for getting the best out of them and Air Malta, and beating the competition.

“I’m trying to catch people out for doing things right, not for doing things wrong. Leaders need to understand that once you’ve got the management title and responsibility, you have to perform. You need to earn that title and responsibility.”

You can read OPP's Air Malta case study here.