New MBTI® materials in French, Swedish and Dutch

Our latest MBTI resources include Flip A Type Tips in French and Swedish, and MBTI Development Workbooks in French, Swedish and Dutch.

We’ve had an excellent take-up of our English language materials, with the Development Workbook proving particularly popular. More than 14,000 of these have been sold in the last few months, prompting us to make this essential resource available in more languages.

MBTIWe are delighted to announce the availability of new French and Swedish Flip A Type Tips and Workbooks, and new Dutch Workbooks and feedback cards. This complements our existing non-English language resources:

  • Flip A Type Tip in English, Danish, German, Dutch, Russian
  • Development Workbook in English, Danish, German, Russian
  • Feedback cards in English, Danish, German, Russian
  • Group feedback kits in English, Danish, German, Dutch, Russian

Practitioners are finding these new materials really helpful for individual and group feedback sessions, and for helping end users apply their understanding of type to common workplace challenges.

Visit the OPP shop for more details of the MBTI type resources available.