OPP's DOP 2014 research - free downloads

Our eight contributions to this year’s DOP conference can now be downloaded from the OPP website

We were busier than ever at the BPS DOP conference in January, with seven papers and a poster session, all presented by OPP’s Research & Development team.

Presenting at DOP 2014The varied research includes a look at the impact of personal development, and the influences of age, culture and emotional stability on the workplace.

For each of the following, downloads of the presentation slides and full papers are available:

  • Measuring the Impact of Training & Development Workshops: An Action Orientated Approach
  • The Goldilocks Principle – Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right?, arguing against a nonlinear approach to selection
  • What Maketh a Manager? Differences in Culture & Personality Across Four Countries
  • Predicting Performance from Personality: Fewer Factors Produce Feebler Forecasts, underlining the pitfalls of the Single Personality Factor
  • Emotionally unstable? It spells trouble for Work, Relationships & Life
  • Age and Work Characteristics: The Role of Personality
  • The Five-Factor Model of Personality - All we Need?
  • Evaluating Training Effectiveness & Return On Investment – A Practical Guide (poster)

All eight contributions can be downloaded here.