Prominent role for OPP E-ATP 2014 conference

OPP takes front seat, from its acknowledged position at the leading edge of developments in the test publishing industry

The 2014 conference is titled "Growing Talent in Europe – Gaining Advantage through Assessment".

EATP 2014 banner

Europe, like much of the rest of the world, is facing numerous recruitment and skills-gap challenges with the current global recession. E-ATP 2014 will highlight how assessment is being successfully used to help in such areas as education, employability, language testing, qualification mapping, citizenship testing and vocational skills requirements.

OPP Chairman Robert McHenry and CEO Penny Moyle will be speaking at three events during the conference:

  • Employability Competency Assessments: A ProExam/OPP Collaboration. OPP and the Professional Examination Service (ProExam) have customised the 16PF to create a new “soft skills” and competencies assessment, in response to employers' requests for deeper insights in this area. Employability Competency Assessments will provide the relevant differentiating information, highlighting workplace behavioural competencies that have been identified as important factors for success. Penny Moyle presents, with Robert Block and Richard Roberts from ProExam.
  • How Helpful are Career Websites to Talented People Seeking Career Guidance or Wishing to Secure a New Job? This presentation will look at examples of current career websites, review modern recruitment practices and suggest how new trends and technology are enabling employers to identify talented people. Specifically, it will explore new forms of collecting professional achievements, new skill communication techniques and emerging technologies for improving professional skills. Robert McHenry shares the stage with Peter Pascale of Pearson Vue.
  • Expert Panel: A stimulating discussion of assessment disruptors in the current testing sphere. With the emergence of MOOCs, Remote Proctoring, Badging, Nano credentials and more, methods of testing are evolving like never before. A more mobile workforce has given employers the ability to recruit from a wider talent pool, but has also increased the time and effort needed to validate credentials. So how can learners and employers gain advantage through assessment? And how can tests adapt? Robert McHenry joins Rob Toof (ProctorCam) and Peter Pascale (Pearson Vue) on the panel. 

E-ATP 2014 takes place between Wednesday 24th and Friday 26th September 2014 at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest, Hungary.

Europe-ATP (E-ATP), a Division of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), brings together European test publishers and related organisations for the purposes of networking, sharing innovative ideas and creating both educational and marketing opportunities related to testing and assessment.