Deliver Emotional Intelligence events

Get equipped to run your own ‘Enhancing emotional intelligence’ programmes

Our new, live online workshop equips you with the skills and resources to deliver MBTI®-based emotional intelligence events.

Enhancing emotional intelligence

Our new workshop is a practical and easy way for MBTI practitioners to add emotional intelligence (EI) expertise to their portfolio.

The online workshop includes expert hints and tips, experiential activities around change, and allows access to our online Knowledge Bank. Practitioners will also receive all the supporting materials required to run EI events, including booklets and slides, and there is an opportunity to ‘ask the expert’ during a live online Q&A session with the facilitator.

The programme you will be equipped to deliver – Enhancing Emotional Intelligence – has been designed by OPP’s expert psychologists. It will help your delegates understand their own and other people’s reactions and emotions in order to get the most out of interpersonal relationships.

To find out more and check for upcoming live sessions of How to deliver emotional intelligence events, check our website.