Consultancy Case Studies

Working with our clients to deliver their needs

Our experts consultants work with, and alongside, a wide range of clients to get the best from individuals, teams and organisations. Click on a client case study below to read an example in more detail.


Leadership development programme to improve people skills and drive change. "OPP were very innovative and extremely flexible with regards to how we worked together. The consultants gave us lots of ideas, and understood our business and our challenges.”


Using the MBTI within a flying instructors’ coaching training programme within the RAF to improve communication, decision making and to maximise performance. People have only good things to say about it! It is helping everyone to get 100% out of the training and the money invested in it’’

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Leadership development utilising the TKI and MBTI tools. These workshops looked at dealing with conflict, change and communication in a positive way. "I’ve been employed for 20 years and this is the training that has had the most impact on me”,

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Sessions on teamwork, conflict and communication, helping Launchpad reinvent themselves and excel in a highly competitive marketplace. "We recently won our biggest ever contract, on the back of this development programme. Managers wouldn’t have been so focused and committed were it not for this programme.”

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Leadership and team development, demonstrating how the MBTI framework can boost performance and enhance personality insights. "It has changed my whole perspective on how I manage people... It has helped my business area make money.”
Cap Gemini
Leadership and team development focusing on communication, trust, competitive tensions, and mutual understanding. "OPP adopted a collaborative approach to discovering what it was we wanted – even when we weren’t entirely certain ourselves!”
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Development programme to help leaders identify key competencies via self-analysis, feedback and workplace simulations. "It enabled us to co-create a bespoke development centre that would meet the needs of HR Directors."

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Tailored leadership and team development, embracing conflict, communication, change and decision-making."The collaboration with OPP was really productive – we felt like the consultant had become a member of our team. She wasn’t only a designer, trainer or facilitator – she mentored us."


A programme specifically for developing values and capability frameworks “the values and capability frameworks have really come alive within the organisation. The values are on our website and have become part of everyday organisational language. They are definitely more than words on a page.

Leadership development programme to improve people skills and drive change. Our development work with OPP has helped managers to realise where their own faults are, and to help them correct them. It has become a blueprint for how we manage people in the future.

A one-day intensive assessment experience with a resulting tailored report giving a detailed insight into ‘fit’ between the candidate and success in a newly created job. “Experience shows that restructures are best done quickly, with a robust, transparent and valid process.” 

A development programme to stretch and test participants’ current skills by exposing them to leadership challenges faced at senior levels in the organisation. It has promoted an awareness of leadership style and a greater focus on the importance of these behaviours

A flexible and adaptable approach to leadership development. Rather than focusing on a defined future role it was necessary to consider the development offer on a much more individual basis, OPP undertook this with great skill and sensitivity, both in the design and the delivery of the programme. 

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