Coaching and one-to-one feedback

Getting beneath the surface to unlock potential

OPP’s experienced consultants offer individual support for people wanting to improve their personal effectiveness, with performance coaching and one-to-one feedback in all our psychometric tools. Sessions include development discussions and may be designed to incorporate other relevant information such as 360 data.

coaching and 1 to 1 feedback

Expert coaches for personal effectiveness

Well structured feedback and performance coaching is key to personal development at work. OPP works with talented individuals at all levels including CEOs and Board members to raise self-awareness and change behaviour through one-to-one sessions. Our experienced coaching practitioners apply a range of robust models and techniques, including OPP’s Leadership Model and personality and career guidance tools. Our portfolio of leading personality tools forms the development approach, targeting the key areas crucial to career success.

An approach to one-to-one feedback and development grounded in psychology

OPP’s expert consultants apply psychological insight to help build a clear understanding of personal drivers, interpersonal style, management approach and possible career derailers, helping individuals to achieve their potential, and organisations to benefit from the contribution of talented employees. We balance challenge and support, selecting the approach or combination that meets the client where they are, and helping them to stretch their comfort zone and commit to action.

One-to-one development feedback in our psychometric tools

Our consultants can provide one-to-one development feedback using our world-class personality tools as a framework, including the MBTI Step I and Step II, FIRO, TKI, CPI 260, Strong and 360 instruments. We can provide this specialist feedback support as part of a wider development programme run by your own L&D professionals, or as a stand-alone session for key individuals. Our partnership approach means we are happy to weave the support we offer into your own programme or as part of larger solution that we may provide. 

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ACT Management ACT has used Step II extensively in high-level strategic contexts and to facilitate thinking in leaders around links between an organisation’s theoretical ‘mission statement’ or their stated company philosophy, and the business reality of its operational culture. ACT is convinced of the benefits of using the Step II instruments.