Development centres

Targeting your people development to achieve the greatest impact

For organisations to sustain success it is vital they understand where to focus their people development and how to harness their talent. We work with clients to implement development centres that enable you to unlock the potential of your people.

Development centres

Development centres, the OPP way

The first step along any development journey is to know where you currently are. We work closely with clients to design engaging development centres that help individuals understand their strengths, their impact, and where to focus their development so they can achieve peak performance. Our development centres provide a platform for you to identify potential, leadership styles, strengths and development needs in order to create individualised development plans.

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Defining success - We work with you to understand what you need from the development centre, how this relates to your other business priorities, and how to measure the impact of the programme. We find out what you require from your people if you are to meet your current and future business challenges, along with the culture they will be operating within. We then design a bespoke event that reflects this context.
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Evaluating people - We design a targeted and rigorous process to evaluate and develop potential, helping individuals recognise strengths and blind spots. We use a range of assessments to examine behaviours, personality style, motivations and aspirations. We can design bespoke assessments, or we can tailor our existing library of exercises to your specific requirements.
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Growing capability - We offer the professionalism, sensitivity and skill to support individuals on the next step of their development journey. Our development centres provide an immersive experience with stretching assignments that deliver experiential learning. Afterwards, participants are provided with detailed feedback and can receive coaching support to drive sustainable change in their attitude, behaviours and performance at work. This enables people to apply the learning to their role and ensures that behavioural changes stick.

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Leadership development programme to improve people skills and drive change. Our development work with OPP has helped managers to realise where their own faults are, and to help them correct them. It has become a blueprint for how we manage people in the future.

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