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Tackling everyday stress through personality insights

Why people react differently to stress – and what to do about it

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Cardiff 6 Feb 2018 Clayton Hotel Free
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Get your brain buzzing over breakfast with a fascinating insight into how different personalities respond to stress with a focus on what this might mean for you and those around you. Most importantly – we’ll discuss what you can do about it.

In this quick, interactive introduction session, our experts are going to talk about the MBTI framework, and how you might apply it to help yourself and others to reduce stress every day, before it becomes a problem.

We’ll examine different personalities to understand and recognise:

  • stress triggers
  • what happens as stress increases
  • examples of stress in action
  • what we can do to help leaders, teams and individuals

Whether you know your MBTI type or you’ve never heard of it, HR professionals, Learning and Development managers, business owners, team leaders, business coaches and more will gain an inspiring insight into how the mind reacts to stress.

Business breakfast agenda

08:00 Registration and breakfast
08:30 Presentation and activities
09:15 Q&A
09:30 Networking
10:00 Close