Practitioners' resource guide

As an OPP practitioner, you have access to a wide range of practical resources, some that are free and some that can be purchased through this site. We want to help you get a great return from your investment in our tools and from the work you do with end users and clients.

Here’s a short tour of the type of resource available. You’ll find them all via Practitioner downloads or in our shop – and don’t forget to sign in to see everything your qualifications give you access to.

Customise sales tools

Deliver key product information to clients and stakeholders with customisable datasheets and postcards. These free downloads from our Practitioner downloads allow you to add your own logo and contact details before you print or send them.

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Have fun exploring type

Everyone who receives Step I feedback can share their best-fit with a Typie™.

Personal Typies™ and Team Typies™ go deeper using Step II data to present facet preferences in word clouds and support group work with profile posters. Our other fun type tables help keep the conversation going...

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Engage with video content 

Our YouTube channel features a wealth of video resources that will support your delivery – from our hints and tips for feedback to more tongue in cheek clips that illustrate the fun side of personality difference. 

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Tap into our expertise

  • Visit our previously recorded webcasts on topical issues and make sure to sign up to future events
  • We regularly share our expertise on business challenges on our Personality Matters blog, to which you can subscribe to get email alerts for new posts
  • Download expert guides, white papers and academic research to explore key areas of learning and development in our practitioner hub
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Deliver with confidence

To deliver FIRO and MBTI group sessions with confidence, equip yourself with all the great resources which will help learning stick, and give your events a professional:

and many other Type resources

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Plan your professional development

Train to use another psychometric instrument and add new dimensions to your practice. If you’re MBTI or FIRO qualified, application workshops enable you to develop your knowledge and skills. The growing range of MBTI ‘How to..’ workshops fast-track delivery of high-quality, ready-made events. 

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