Quick Guide to Everyday Stress

Understand your personality, manage your stress

What actually happens when we experience everyday stress? We explore how personality insight can be the key to managing stress and maintaining peak performance.

A low level of stress can be stimulating and healthy for us. But how do you learn to recognise your own stress triggers, changes in behaviour and how to regain balance after different levels of stress? Understanding your personality is the key!

We've released a series of blog articles and MBTI practitioner downloads (free slide decks) to help you explore the progression of, and recovery from, everyday and extreme stress (the grip) with your clients. The new resources contain the popular Core Characters of Type which make unlocking the power of Type Dynamics much quicker and easier.

If you're not an OPP qualified practitioner you can still view the free webcast or download the Quick Guide below. You can also contact one of our teams to talk about training or see how we can work with you on managing stress and building resilience for individuals or teams. 

Want to know how to manage your stress at work? Read our stress infographic.

Quick Guide to Everyday Stress and your personality

Associated MBTI practitioner resources
If you are a qualified MBTI practitioner you can download free PowerPoint slides from the Type Dynamics made easy webpage or the practitioner resources area of the website. You must be logged in to your OPP account to access the free resources.

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