Team development

Boost team performance to accelerate results

Team development

Leadership development

Drive organisational effectiveness with authentic leadership

Leadership development

Conflict management

Transform negative conflict into positive opportunities

Conflict management

Improving communication

Optimise communication for convincing conversations


Building resilience

Manage stress for a more motivated workforce

Building resilience
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Developing potential using personality insights

OPP’s expertise in business psychology provides a way of ensuring people work together as effectively as possible. Our psychometric tools and insight can help you overcome a variety of common business issues, unlocking the potential of your workforce.

Psychometric tools: a platform for constant improvement

Every organisation has areas where it excels and where success seems to come naturally, as well as quirks and recurring issues that hold it back. OPP’s psychometric tools provide an understanding of what really makes people tick, helping you to enhance organisational strengths and make great improvements in problem areas. Our assessments can be mixed and matched to:

Psychometric instruments are a proven, resonant and fair way of getting the best out of your most important asset: your people.

How to use psychometric tools to become more effective

Many of our assessments, such as the MBTI® Instrument, can be used to address a variety of business and development needs. Other tools, such as the TKI (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument), can be used in a more targeted way to deal with a specific issue quickly. Our solutions-based approach allows you to choose a route that takes into account the time you have available and your long-term objectives.

Regardless of your approach, OPP has a solution that will get people to cooperate better in teams, lead and inspire with confidence, improve communication, reduce conflict and build resilience.

Options for delivering top-class people development

These solutions show you where to start with a particular issue, and how to broaden and deepen the solution. You can either do this yourself by becoming a qualified practitioner in our tools, or you can commission our experienced consultancy team to carry out your development for you. Increasingly, we are offering a service that falls somewhere between these two options – where we work in close collaboration with you to pass on our expertise. We call this “we do it with you”.

Develop teams

Equip teams with the self-awareness and trust they need to operate at their most effective level – and watch them drive business success.

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Strengthen leadership

Help leaders inspire and motivate others by giving them an awareness of their natural approach, and working with them to capitalise on their inherent strengths.

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Improve communication

Understand the different communication styles people naturally adopt, and help them to adapt in order to get their message across, regardless of who’s listening.

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Embrace conflict

Transform people’s experience of conflict from negative to positive, embracing it as a creative and energising force that can help an organisation benefit from multiple viewpoints.

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Build resilience

Build resilience by finding out what triggers stress for different people, and how to support them with coping strategies, helping them to be engaged without being overwhelmed.

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Next steps

You do it yourself

Create your own solutions by becoming a qualified practitioner in one of our tools

We do it with you

Our experienced consultants can work with you on a solution, once you are a trained practitioner

We do it for you

Get in touch with our Consultancy team, who offer bespoke assessment and development