Conflict management

Transform negative conflict into positive opportunities

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. But conflict is not always bad for business – harnessing conflict to make it work positively, rather than being destructive and wasteful, is essential for business success.

What is conflict?

Conflict occurs wherever people’s concerns appear to be incompatible – making it a common and inevitable part of working life. But contrary to popular opinion, conflict is not always a bad thing: without conflict, an organisation stagnates and becomes ineffective. OPP’s conflict solution shows you how to resolve destructive conflict in the workplace, and embrace a more productive approach.

Ways to resolve conflict

Understanding your own personality and that of the people you work with can provide great insight into how conflict situations arise and how they can be dealt with constructively. Our range of industry-leading personality assessments enables people to quickly recognise their default conflict-handling style and learn how to adapt to different types of conflict. Ultimately, our tools provide concrete strategies for getting positive results from conflict, such as better decisions and more creative thinking.

Effective conflict management delivers:

  • More effective use of time and resources
  • Increased productivity and morale
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Less need for HR mediation
  • Improved team dynamics and decision-making
  • Better performance and results

Our conflict management credentials

OPP has over 20 years’ experience helping organisations to create positive outcomes from potentially disruptive conflict situations by raising awareness of individuals’ conflict-management styles. Our psychometric instruments are used by over half of the FTSE 100, and our consultancy team work with clients as diverse as the DVLA, the NHS, and the RAF to run events, exercises and activities that will have a lasting impact on the organisation.

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Which tools should I use for conflict management?

  • The TKI conflict-resolution model requires no prior knowledge or training and provides fast and effective resolution of conflict situations.
  • The MBTI® Conflict Style Report can be used where the MBTI tool already supports ongoing development. Training and resources for all of our conflict management tools are available where needed, helping you to transform conflict into positive outcomes that drive organisational success.

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Managing conflict

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