Qualification programmes and training in the effective application of psychometric instruments

We offer comprehensive training in all our psychometric instruments and related applications – either through public workshops or in-house courses. Our trainers are experienced business psychologists who bring practical insights to their sessions. All courses reflect our commitment to the effective and ethical use of psychometric tools – training is of a high quality, professionally delivered, enjoyable and focused on the needs of our clients.

What training do you need?

Qualification courses - become a practitioner in one of OPP’s psychometric tools

Gain certification to use a range of psychometric instruments, including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and FIRO® questionnaires. Our BPS-verified Test User: Occupational Ability and Test User: Occupational Personality will qualify you to use several ability tests or personality assessments on the same training programme.

Application courses - learn how to practically apply personality assessments to specific business issues

Our programme of application-focused workshops for MBTI and FIRO practitioners covers a range of business applications, including leadership development, change and conflict management, team-building and coaching. Our TKI application workshop requires no qualification and is open to anyone looking to resolve conflict quickly and effectively.

How to train to use psychometric tools

We run a comprehensive schedule of public workshops and can also deliver any of our courses in-house where there are multiple delegates from the same organisation – saving the cost of travel and subsistence for your delegates. When run in-house, our training programmes can be tailored to the needs and goals of your organisation, enabling you to get maximum benefit from our psychometric instruments.

Full Ireland training calendar 

You can browse through all available training courses in our training calendar.

International availability

OPP’s international offices and training partners provide qualification programmes and training in various languages throughout Europe.

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