CPI® 260 Qualifying Programme

Executive recruitment and management development

The CPI® 260 personality assessment tool enables you to engage in strategic leadership selection, talent identification and management development at even the most senior levels, with tremendous depth of insight and analysis.


This personality training programme will equip you to use the CPI 260 personality assessment tool for personal and professional selection and development. Accurate and objective, the CPI 260 questionnaire provides an in-depth measure of professional and personal styles and offers a vibrant portrait of the individual as seen through the eyes of others. It is also the perfect business coaching tool.

Course duration

3 days (Equivalent to ~25 CPD hours)

What you will learn

  • How to apply the CPI 260 tool in recruitment, management development and organisational development situations
  • The origin and development of the CPI 260 and how the tool measures personality traits in a unique and meaningful way
  • Effective ways of giving feedback and facilitating the development and self-awareness of your clients
  • The structure, psychometric properties and use of the CPI 260 personality trait tool

Learning approach

This workshop uses a varied, interactive approach to learning, with practical exercises, an engaging mix of group and individual work and written exercises to make the most of the learning opportunities available on the programme.

Course benefits

  • Acquire a validated and incisive tool that measures personality traits important for pre-employment assessment, employee selection and executive assessment
  • Increase knowledge of your own and others' work and leadership strengths through the CPI, an excellent self-awareness assessment tool
  • Understand how this personality trait tool can be used in leadership training and management development
  • Use the personality training to apply the CPI 260 for promotion and succession planning
  • No previous knowledge or experience of psychometrics needed

This course is for

  • HR managers
  • Line managers
  • Team leaders
  • Career counsellors
  • Organisational development specialists

The CPI 260 Qualifying Programme is available as an in-house only, meaning that you host the course at a venue of your choice, for a minimum of six participants. Call our Customer Service team on +44 (0)1865 404682 to discuss your requirements.

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Alison JorgensenHead of L&D Business Advisors Team. DVLA

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