MBTI® Foundation Programme

MBTI Step I training

The MBTI Foundation Programme qualifies participants to apply one of the most globally renowned, versatile and widely-used personality assessments.


This MBTI training programme equips you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to apply the MBTI framework to everyday business challenges. It also presents you with your own powerful personal development experience. You’ll become immersed in personality Types, learn to appreciate individual differences, strengths and blindspots and be well coached to apply this understanding to enable groups and individuals to work at their best.

The MBTI Foundation Programme takes individuals with no prior experience on a journey of self-discovery, supported by a wealth of expertly designed exercises and resources. They also receive a good grounding in practices encouraged by the British Psychological Society and other bodies that seek to uphold standards.

Course duration

3 + 1 days experiential classroom time, backed-up by e-learning and fieldwork (Equivalent to 43 CPD hours)

What you will learn

  • How to unlock the power of the MBTI Step I framework, the first stage of the MBTI Development Journey
  • Essential skills and techniques to apply MBTI insights in one-to-one and group settings 
  • Technical aspects of personality assessment including test reliability and validity 
  • How to gain maximum impact from resources such as the MBTI Development WorkbookFlip a Type Tip!Feedback cards, the MBTI Personal Impact Report and more - over £550 of materials received by each participant!
  • Simple, fun and memorable exercises to help others explore and appreciate personality differences 
  • How to use the MBTI assessment ethically and with impact 
  • Using Type Dynamics to add depth and understanding to personality differences 
  • Why organisations worldwide trust the MBTI assessment to boost productivity and performance.

Learning approach

This programme keeps traditional ‘lecturing’ to an absolute minimum and does not compress valuable content to 'tick boxes'. It embraces the value of experiential learning throughout its face-to-face modules. The course is delivered by experienced MBTI practitioners who are both expert trainers and coaches to participants.

Mindful that we each have different learning styles, this course applies accelerated learning techniques that combine distance learning, interactive exercises, and an engaging mix of group and individual work. Each participant receives individual coaching on their feedback skills during practice sessions. They also practise individual real-life fieldwork under the expert guidance of experienced facilitators, building participant's pride and confidence.

Course benefits

  • Develop greater self-awareness and the ability to instil self-awareness in others by appreciating personality differences
  • Fast-track to effectively tackle everyday business challenges with a range of supporting materials you’ll take away
  • Create a productive working culture and the basis for a long term learning engagement using a trusted, world-renowned personality framework 
  • Gain access to a wealth of application reports covering teams, conflict, careers, decision-making, stress, and more
  • Get support from an expanding and evolving pool of practitioner materials and resources
  • Enjoy life-long membership of the global community of MBTI practitioners, and appreciate the value of transferable skills gained through application of the MBTI instrument.

I have been on many courses – this rates as one of the best ever!

Frank Froudcourse delegate. Constant Spring

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