All the materials and expertise needed to run your own MBTI change workshops

This live online workshop equips you to deliver your own MBTI change event, Embracing Change - a tried and tested programme developed by OPP's expert consultants. The Embracing Change workshop has been designed by psychologists to improve team performance by examining the impact of personality on how we experience change.

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This programme comprises a live online workshop, including experiential activities around change, handy tips and hints from our expert facilitator, and an overview of OPP's Embracing Change workshop to enable you to run it yourself. It also provides access to an online Knowledge Bank featuring videos of some of the activities and all supporting materials required to run the module.

1 hour + ongoing access to online Knowledge Bank (Equivalent to 1 CPD hour)

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  • The practical skills that enable you to run OPP's Embracing Change workshops
  • The basics of the psychology of change, providing an understanding of the natural processes that people go through when faced with change, and equipping participants with knowledge of how to cope with change comfortably and positively
  • Skills and knowledge that can be applied both to groups of individuals and teams.

The Embracing change workshop breaks down end user learning into the following sessions:

Embracing change

The package of live webinar plus unrestricted access to the online Knowledge Bank will give you everything you need to deliver MBTI change events time and time again.

You will receive hints, tips and useful anecdotes throughout to give you confidence to deliver your own sessions. You'll also be able to 'ask the expert' after the live session as the facilitator will remain online to respond to your questions.

  • Provides all the materials needed to run MBTI change events in a time-efficient and impactful format
  • Imparts expert knowledge from a highly experienced MBTI practitioner
  • Builds on your existing MBTI knowledge
  • Saves time by supplying a ready-made, tried and tested workshop developed by MBTI experts.

Following the live online workshop, you will receive the following materials to help you further understand the topic and enable you to deliver the module yourself:

  • Introduction to Type and Change booklet
  • A workbook for participants to use on the Embracing Change module
  • Access to facilitator notes, PowerPoint slides, demonstration videos of group exercises, and other resources in the online Knowledge Bank to help you run your own Embracing Change workshop.
It has been great especially in the new format as I can get updated but also work the rest of the day. I am looking forward to running this workshop next month.

Julie AndersonLeadership Development Manager. Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

  • MBTI qualified practitioners

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