MBTI® Refresh and Reconnect

Updating MBTI Step I skills and introducing new materials

Find out how to use the latest feedback materials and build your confidence as an MBTI practitioner


This one-day workshop is designed for MBTI Step I qualified practitioners who wish to refresh their knowledge and skills, and find out about the latest recommended approach and supporting materials for giving individual and group feedback.

The course focuses on building skills and boosting confidence in using the MBTI tool, reinvigorating how you deliver MBTI development with resources that support individual and group feedback. It uses a variety of learning methods, including online learning prior to the workshop, interactive exercises, group work, presentations and peer feedback.

Course duration

1 day (Equivalent to 7 CPD hours)

What you will learn

  • Clarification of the meaning of the four type dichotomies
  • An introduction to the latest recommended MBTI feedback process
  • Experiential learning in how to give individual and group MBTI feedback
  • Revision of application areas and appropriate uses of the instrument
  • ‘Ask the experts’ question-and-answer session

Learning approach

A highly experiential workshop that includes interactive exercises, group activities and some online learning prior to attending the course.

Course benefits

  • Re-invigorate MBTI work with the latest exercises, approaches and materials, which can be applied straightaway
  • Make the MBTI concepts ‘stick’ with clients through more impactful feedback sessions and take-aways
  • Extend the use of the MBTI framework within organisations, improving return on investment

You will receive over £200 worth of materials on this course, including:

You will also receive a free credit for the MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organisations on completion of the course.

This course is for

  • MBTI qualified practitioners

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