Type Dynamics in Action

Practical applications of type dynamics in organisations

CPD for MBTI® practitioners: learn how to take type dynamics theory to the next stage, in such areas as MBTI and stress, dominant and auxiliary function and navigating midlife.


This Type Dynamics workshop enables MBTI practitioners to improve their Type expertise. It applies the theory in more depth, enabling a deeper understanding of how the MBTI preferences work together.

Upon completion of the course, delegates will be awarded a certificate to mark their newly acquired expertise.

Course duration

2 days (Equivalent to 12 CPD hours)

What you will learn

  • Insight into the mechanics of type dynamics
  • The eight functions of type dynamics
  • How to apply type dynamics to communication issues
  • How to feedback dynamics to individuals and groups
  • Methods of understanding and exploring type development
  • Practical strategies for monitoring and managing stress
  • How to use type dynamics in teams

Learning approach

Through a number of interactive exercises, discussions and feedback sessions, delegates are given a deeper understanding of type dynamics.

Course benefits

  • Expert guidance and practice in introducing dynamics within feedback, coaching and team interventions
  • Strategies to diagnose communication issues and to suggest practical solutions to improving effectiveness
  • Insight into how to effectively apply Type Dynamics to personal development scenarios and team scenarios

Participants will receive

  • Cards to help work out Type Dynamics
  • Copy of Introduction to Type and the 8 Jungian Functions
  • Binder containing descriptions of the dynamics of all 16 MBTI Types
  • Handouts and reproducible worksheets to apply Type Dynamics to different applications
  • Powerpoint slides to introduce groups to Type Dynamics

This course is for

  • MBTI qualified practitioners

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