In-house courses

Make your budget go further – train in-house

Can’t find a date in our public schedule that works for you? Or want to train several people within your organisation at the same time? Here are 3 great reasons why clients chose in-house training programmes...

  Value for money   Scheduling to suit   Focused learning

Save up to 30% course costs

A client in the education sector saved nearly £3,000 when their team of career consultants became MBTI qualified through an inhouse event.

Choose dates that work for you

Staff at a leading automotive company became MBTI qualified in just one week with an intensive programme that focused their learning and reduced costs.

Discuss challenges 

A finance sector client runs in-house training so their practitioners can safely discuss how to apply learning to current organisational challenges.

Check out our in-house v public course comparison

MBTI Step I Foundation Programme – for 12 participants  In-house workshop  Public workshop
Programme fee for 12 participants  £29,552  £35,820
Travel costs: 12 x £50  n/a  £600
Subsistence: 12 x 4 nights at £25  n/a  £1,200
Accommodation costs: 12 x 4 nights at £100  n/a  £4,800
Trainer expenses  variable  n/a
Total cost of in-house MBTI training for 12 delegates  £29,552  £42,420

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough participants to fill a course – if you have a suitable venue, and don’t need a confidential environment, we can often fill an in-house course with attendees from other organisations in your area. 

Several clients currently have spaces on their hosted in-house programmes. Find out more.

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