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Mar 2015

Typies, Personal Typies and Type heads now in German

These free, downloadable MBTI type pictograms are now available in German

Mar 2015

Online Knowledge Centre for practitioners

With an ever-growing library of resources, this is the one page on that every qualified practitioner should bookmark

Mar 2015

National personality differences? The BBC’s gone to town...

... but it's the wrong town. We get to grips with the findings of a recent BBC Lab UK project.

Mar 2015

Italian Feedback Cards now available

The Italian version of this popular practitioner resource is now on sale in the OPP shop

Mar 2015

BAPT conference showcases MBTI resources and insights

The annual British Association for Psychological Type conference takes place 19-21 March

Mar 2015

Added impact for MBTI Step II Qualifying Programme

With new resources and a fresh approach to learning, the MBTI® Step II Qualifying Programme makes it even easier for practitioners to make Step II development memorable and effective

Mar 2015

Team Typies bring Step II team insights to life

Latest fun type resources help MBTI® Step II practitioners explore team identity

Mar 2015

Psychologist access policy for 16PF, EJI and CPI tools

Holders of a master’s degree in psychology may be eligible to use the 16PF®, EJI and CPI 260® tools

Mar 2015

Alliance Partner Programme welcomes new members

We’re pleased to welcome four more HR consultancies to OPP’s Alliance Partner Programme

Mar 2015

16PF reports now available in Japanese

Japanese 16PF Profile Reports and Interpretive Reports can now be ordered through OPPassessment

Feb 2015

OPP at major industry event in Palm Springs

OPP CEO Penny Moyle and Chairman Robert McHenry are presenting at the 2015 Innovations in Testing conference

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