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Jul 2015

Survey: Type and work environment

New OPP report looks at how different personality Types engage with their workplace surroundings

Jul 2015

New care and compassion Type table

Type-based suggestions for the positive contribution each MBTI® Type brings to patient well-being in the healthcare sector.

Jul 2015

OPP keynote at AGCAS conference

The theme of this year’s conference in September is "Surviving and thriving through change"

Jul 2015

OPP at EATP Conference in September

The 7th annual E-ATP conference, titled Gaining Advantage through Assessment, will provide guidelines to help test owners improve their testing programmes

Jul 2015

New OPP Alliance Partners

OPP’s Alliance Partner Programme now has 39 members offering OPP products across Europe and beyond

Jul 2015

OPP true to Type at APTi conference

The Association of Psychological Type International conference on 22 July focuses on growing Type expertise

Jul 2015

New sharing options on MBTI Step II Personal Typies

Send it, Pin it – making it easier to share Personal Typies

Jul 2015

TKI Q&A booklets in three new language versions

The booklets are now available in German, Italian and Russian

Jul 2015

Knowledge Bank for MBTI Step II

One-stop shop offers invaluable free resources and products for MBTI® Step II practitioners

Jul 2015

ECP 2015 - smart phone personality assessments?

OPP R&D Principal Consultant Rob Bailey will be presenting Personality without borders: do questionnaire languages and smart-phones bias results? at this year's conference

Jul 2015

More new MBTI exercises available

Four new eBook exercises have been published to help practitioners bring Type to life in training and coaching sessions

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