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Sep 2015

Two great opportunities for MBTI practitioners to upskill

Back-to-back webinars on 8 September provide ready-made innovation and decision-making events

Aug 2015

Remember: OPP keynote at AGCAS conference

"Surviving and thriving through change" is the theme of this year’s conference on September 2nd and 3rd

Aug 2015

Group Feedback Kit now available in Italian

Highly useful training room resource for Type practitioners

Aug 2015

Do questionnaire formats impact results?

The subject is explored in one of OPP’s latest research papers

Aug 2015

Sirius recruitment tool now measures mental agility

We've added two additional tests to our recruitment and selection tool Sirius

Aug 2015

OPP blog: invaluable practitioner resource

Through the first half of 2015 our blog pages have grown into an indispensible library of coaching and development hints and tips

Jul 2015

Survey: Type and work environment

New OPP report looks at how different personality Types engage with their workplace surroundings

Jul 2015

New care and compassion Type table

Type-based suggestions for the positive contribution each MBTI® Type brings to patient well-being in the healthcare sector.

Jul 2015

OPP keynote at AGCAS conference

The theme of this year’s conference in September is "Surviving and thriving through change"

Jul 2015

OPP at EATP Conference in September

The 7th annual E-ATP conference, titled Gaining Advantage through Assessment, will provide guidelines to help test owners improve their testing programmes

Jul 2015

New OPP Alliance Partners

OPP’s Alliance Partner Programme now has 39 members offering OPP products across Europe and beyond

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