Typies lens/screen cloths (pack of 10)

Colourful Type-themed cloths for keeping screens and lenses clean

A practical give-away to reinforce understanding of Type

Typies are a fun yet effective way to convey and enhance understanding of Type. The essence of each of the 16 Types is captured in a colourful character, a descriptive name, and adjectives typically associated with that Type. The border of the Typie and the character reflect the Type’s dominant function (Green – Sensing, Yellow – iNtuition, Blue – Thinking, Red – Feeling) while the object the character interacts with reflects the Type’s auxiliary function.

These high-quality glasses/phone screen cloths provide a handy Type table for reference, and feature the url (www.opp.com/Typies) where individual Typies can be downloaded to print out or share. 

Typies glasses / phone screen cloths are sold in packs of 10.

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Glasses Cloth
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