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Robust personality and ability assessments

OPP provides a series of psychometric instruments that harness the power of psychology to help you understand others, building on their strengths to unlock their potential.

OPP's robust personality and ability assessments provide unique psychological insights that enhance effectiveness and performance in the workplace, and improve relationships between people. Our range of psychometric questionnaires can be used in many different areas, including selection and recruitment, personal development, team and leadership development and coaching.

Our tools are backed up by many years of research proving their effectiveness and consistency, meaning that you can trust an OPP assessment to accurately assess people. Our tried-and-tested frameworks for self-awareness, learning and improving resonate with audiences around the world, and our portfolio of tools includes some of the most renowned and well respected personality assessments on the market.

If you want to know more about which tool to use for which business or development need, visit our solutions section.

  • MBTI


    A foundation for life-long personal development

  • FIRO


    The groundwork for building effective and successful working relationships

  • TKI


    The world’s best-selling conflict management tool

  • EJI logo


    Nurturing individual performance by harnessing emotional intelligence


    Strong Interest Inventory®

    Helping people discover rich and fulfilling careers

  • CPI260

    CPI 260®

    Deep and complex insights for leaders

  • ABLE

    ABLE Series®

    Aptitude tests that reveal potential

  • IPI

    Innovation Potential Indicator

    Fostering innovation for organisational success