New distributor for the 16PF® Questionnaire

Important information for 16PF and Sirius customers

OPP has now stopped distributing the 16PF Assessment and Sirius, and no longer provides 16PF training

We’re pleased to announce that Performance Assessment Network, Inc. (PAN) has now opened its UK office and has taken over sales and support for the 16PF assessment throughout Europe. PAN is a leading provider of talent measurement solutions, delivering more than 2.6 million tests throughout the world each year.

If you are a 16PF or Sirius customer, you should have been contacted with further information, or you can read the FAQs for answers to specific questions.

OPP will continue to support customers in their application of world-class psychometric instruments (including the MBTI, FIRO, TKI and Strong assessments) for personal and team development. OPP consultants also continue to provide expert facilitation with a suite of tools including the 16PF assessment where appropriate.

How to contact PAN

Clarendon House
Suite 13; 52 Cornmarket Street
OX1 3HJ 
Tel +44 1865 304053

Questions about the 16PF acquisition? Read the FAQs