Facilitation kits

High-quality training for individuals, teams and leaders

Save time with kits that contains everything you need to deliver impactful workshops on essential people development skills

save 20 per centDesigned by expert facilitators and conveniently delivered on a USB flash drive, these facilitation kits contain ready-to-deploy workshops. Covering a range of topics from communication to emotional intelligence, each kit contains a PowerPoint® presentation, expert guidance in the form of facilitator notes and recommended script, and participant materials.

Perfect for both seasoned and newly qualified practitioners. Buy once and use again and again.

MB6144Leader Development: An MBTI® Step I Type Training Workshop
Equip leaders to recognise their strengths and potential blind spots, identify and apply five values that promote effective leadership, and create a development plan to enhance leadership effectiveness.


MB6330Compelling Conversations Through Myers-Briggs® Type
Help participants build and maintain strong work relationships by identifying and understanding their own and others’ communication style, and practicing their skills to communicate more effectively.


MB6420Embracing Change Using Myers-Briggs® Type 
Enable participants to successfully transition through times of change by introducing the psychology of change, and equipping them to manage their personal response to change in a positive way.


MB6410Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Through Myers-Briggs® Type
Shown to be the most important factor in high job performance, help participants perceive and respond to emotions more effectively, and develop strategies to enhance their own emotional intelligence.


MB6430Improving Decision Making Using Myers-Briggs® Type
Help individuals explore their natural decision-making style, learn what can inhibit high-quality decision making, and develop effective strategies to make their own and group decision making more successful.

TK4350Managing Conflict Using the TKI® Assessment
Tackle this inevitable workplace situation head on: enable participants to appreciate their own and others’ approach to conflict, and develop skills to assess and effectively resolve conflict situations.