Illustrate and share Type

Introducing a range of downloadable images
to help make MBTI Type 'stick'

These Type tables are a useful way to illustrate and share Type

Click on the tiles to access each type table, where you can download and share individual type images.

Type tables for personal development

These tables capture the core characteristics of each type in words and images. They are a great reference point for exploring personality difference within the 16 types and provide great type profile summaries (find out more about your MBTI personality type). 


Colour-coded pictograms that capture the essence of your type

Personal Typies®

Typies that reveal the additional insights of your Step II profile

Team Typies®

Helping you to deliver high impact team events with Step II

Type Heads

Word clouds that display typical characteristics of each MBTI Type 

Stress Heads

Stress triggers most likely to get each MBTI Type in a spin 

Compassion types

How each MBTI Type brings care and compassion to patient wellbeing 

Fun MBTI type tables 

Our fun type tables provide a light hearted way of sharing elements of the 16 MBTI types. Unashamedly designed to raise a smile they work as conversation starters and amusing reminders of differences between the types (read more on our blog about how aspects of Type dynamics are captured in each).


Dance types

Dances characterised into each of the MBTI type


Bird types

Bird types for each of the MBTI type characteristics

Garden Type table

Garden types

Gardens that will appeal to each of the MBTI type characteristics 

Dog types

Dog types that represent each of the MBTI type characteristics

Tea table thm

Tea types

Teas characterised into each of the MBTI types

Bake types

Characteristics of each MBTI type in cake and bake form

Holiday Types

Holiday types

Vacation ideas that may well appeal to each MBTI type

type Tipples

Typical MBTI type characteristics reflected in beverage form

Plant types

Plant types that represent the characteristics of each MBTI type 

Shoes types

Footwear that characterises each of the 
MBTI types



Sports types

Sports that convey characteristics of each MBTI type 


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