What is MBTI® Step II?

The MBTI Step II assessment is an extended form of the world famous Myers-Briggs personality assessment.

It provides deeper insights into your personality type by revealing variations within each of the MBTI framework’s 16 core types.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator comes in two forms – Step I and Step II. The MBTI Step I assessment reveals personality preferences in each of four areas (Extraversion-Intraversion, Sensing-iNtuition, Thinking-Feeling and Judging-Perceiving) and sorts people into one of 16 core personality types. The MBTI Step II questionnaire is slightly longer and provides detail beyond these four preference pairs, building on this simple framework to show variations within each type.

MBTI Step II’s detailed insights provide a powerful foundation for personal development that can help you better understand your strengths and blindspots, become more productive and more effective both at work and play. ESTJ Step II Typie exampleIt’s a great place to either start your personal development journey, or to explore beyond your four-letter MBTI type.

Understanding yourself in relation to this powerful model is a foundation for personal development that can drive better performance and boost effectiveness both at work and play. 

How does the MBTI Step II framework help?

  • Hits at the heart of who you are, revealing your unique personality ‘fingerprint’
  • Explains subtle personality differences between people who share a four-letter MBTI type
  • Highlights similarities between people with different four-letter MBTI types
  • Creates a platform for precisely targeted personal development.

Who can benefit from MBTI Step II insights?

  • Anyone who wants to increase their self-awareness to improve effectiveness
  • People seeking a customised personality profile and personal development plan 
  • Individuals and teams looking to pinpoint areas of compatibility and potential discord, and wanting tips to handle them.

How can I discover my MBTI Step II profile?

  • Contact us to find out how you can complete an MBTI Step II assessment

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