Easy online administration

OPPassessment is OPP’s online platform for administering personality and ability questionnaires to respondents, and ordering expert reports on their results.

The most efficient way to administer psychometric questionnaires

Fast and far-reaching questionnaire administrations make it easy to use psychometrics to maximum effect:

  • Save huge amounts of time by administering to multiple respondents simultaneously
  • Receive results immediately in your inbox or download reports directly from OPPassessment
  • Make payments easily via credit card or prepaid credits
  • Reach respondents anywhere in the world, in seconds

Online access to the best quality and range

Open opportunities that go well beyond the capability of hand-scoring administration by using OPPassessment:

  • A range of ready-made pdf reports written by experienced psychologists
  • Supports a full range of applications of OPP tools, covering teams, individuals, selection and development
  • A large choice of languages for both questionnaires and reports, including the ability to administer a questionnaire in one language, and order a report in another
  • Modern and professional look and feel to enhance your image with clients
  • Ability to organise your respondents into client groups and projects

Simple to set up and use psychometric questionnaires

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  • 1. Qualify
    Attend one of our training courses and become an expert psychometric user
  • 2. Connect
    Receive OPPassessment login details automatically on qualification
  • 3. Navigate
    Use the intuitive screens to set up projects and respondents
  • 4. Assess
    Send multiple questionnaires and receive multiple reports with just a few mouse clicks

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