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Questionnaires and reports available online in multiple languages

OPP offers a wide range of questionnaires and reports, across a variety of global languages.


Use the links below to download sample reports in each language here.

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16pf mbti step i mbti step ii mbti firo firo
tki cpi 260 strong strong mbti  
16PF questionnaire (on OPPassessment)
Afrikaans  Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified) Czech  Danish  Dutch  English  Filipino  French  German  Greek  Italian  Japanese  Norwegian  Portuguese (Brazilian)  Portuguese (European)  Slovak  Spanish (European)  Spanish (American)  Swedish  Turkish 
16PF Profile and Manager Feedback Report
16PF Comprehensive Insights Report
16PF Management Potential Report
16PF Career Development Report
16PF Competency Report
16PF Career Success Report
16PF Rapport d'interpretation pour le milieu professionel
16PF Rapport de restitution pour le candidat
16PF Rapport de profil pour le milieu professionel

MBTI Step I questionnaire (on OPPassessment)
Danish  Dutch  English  Finnish  French  German  Greek  Italian  Norwegian  Polish  Portuguese (European)  Russian  Spanish (European)  Swedish  Turkish 
MBTI Step I Interpretive Report for Organisations
MBTI Step I Team Report for the facilitator
MBTI Step I Team Report for the individual
MBTI Step I Career Report
MBTI Step I Communication Style Report
MBTI Step I Decision Making Report
MBTI Step I Conflict Style Report
MBTI Step I Stress Management Report
MBTI Step I Personal Impact Report
MBTI Step I Healthcare Professionals Report

MBTI and FIRO-B Leadership Report

MBTI Step II questionnaire (on OPPassessment)
Danish  Dutch  English  French  German  Italian  Norwegian  Polish  Russian  Spanish (European)  Swedish 
Interpretive Report

FIRO questionnaire (on OPPassessment)
Danish  Dutch  English  French  German  Spanish (European)  Swedish 
FIRO-B Profile Report
FIRO-B Interpretive Report
FIRO Business Profile Report
FIRO Business Leadership Report
FIRO Business Leadership and Profile Report

TKI questionnaire (on OPPassessment)
English  Swedish
TKI Profile and Interpretive Report

CPI questionnaire (on OPPassessment)
Danish English French
CPI Client Feedback Report
CPI Coaching Report for Leaders

Strong questionnaire (on OPPassessment)
Strong Profile Report
Strong Profile and Interpretive Report

Strong and MBTI Career Report