Saville aptitude tests available from OPP

Saville tests available from OPP

OPP hosts several of the Saville Consulting aptitude tests on web administration platform OPPassessment, allowing you to combine personality and ability assessment in a single project.

Streamline your use of ability tests

You can buy certain Saville aptitude assessments from OPP, which is particularly useful if you are running an online selection process using one of our personality tools, and would like to streamline your use of ability tests.

OPP offers the following Saville aptitude tests:

Analysis Aptitude range:

  • Swift Analysis online combination assessments Professional Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatic)
  • Work Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatic)

Comprehension Aptitude range:

  • Swift Comprehension online combination assessments
  • Operational Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)
  • Commercial Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)
  • Customer Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)
  • Administrative Aptitudes (Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking)

Technical Aptitude range:

  • Swift Technical online combination assessments
  • Practical Aptitudes (Spatial, Mechanical and Diagrammatic)

Online combination assessments for screening out are available on OPPassessment, and admin instructions, question booklets and answer forms for the paper-and-pencil tests can be purchased through our customer services team.

For further details about the tests, including information about what types of candidate they can be used for and which concepts they measure, please visit the Saville Consulting website.